Why Plano overhead door recommend Wayne Dalton Doors

Why Plano overhead door recommend Wayne Dalton Doors

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Plano overhead door is – a promise of quality, reliability, durability and beauty. Plano overhead garage door believes in giving its customers top quality overhead doors at affordable prices. overhead Plano stands by its promise of a life time warranty because it uses 24-gauge steel overhead doors and high grade hardware, tracks and 10 ball bearing steel rollers. overhead garage doors Plano recommends Wayne Dalton Doors because they understand the quality of Plano overhead garage doors and adhere to Plano’s promise of life time warranty.

plano overhead garage doorsAn impressive house becomes all the more appealing with a perfect overhead garage door of unique craftsmanship and color. Wayne Dalton compliments the Plano overhead door services by being available in various colors and designs. There are 16 styles of overhead garage doors available in various materials like wood, carriage house overhead style, classic steel, contemporary aluminium designer fiberglass and vinyl. Wayne Dalton can customize overhead garage doors to suit your style whether modern or traditional, insulated or non-insulated.

Why does Plano overhead recommend Wayne Dalton doors?

Before we analyse the reason, let us reiterate what Plano overhead garage doors stand for:

Lifetime warranty: Plano overhead door promises lifetime warranty on all its garage door series. Wayne Dalton uses the highest grade materials and employs the latest technology to ensure that the garage doors are durable and can stand the test of time. For example, if the door is of wood, they ensure that the wood is treated against rotting and warping.

Affordable: They say quality and affordability don’t go hand in hand, but this is proven wrong by Plano overhead door which are of top notch quality at reasonable prices. Wayne Dalton matches the price.

Special features of Wayne Dalton:

  • aluminum garage door 8800 by plano overhead doorTorque Master®Plus is a unique counterbalance system that is exclusive to Wayne Dalton doors. In this system the springs are concealed inside a steel tube. This system includes an anti-drop safety device which will prevent the garage door from falling freely if the spring breaks.
  • Wayne Dalton doors come with a bottom weather seal which blocks drafts. It is very flexible and keeps the cold or the warm heat from penetrating within.
  • Tamper resistant safety bottom brackets prevent loosening when counterbalance cables are under tension.
  • There are horizontal integral struts at the top and bottom of door adding to the rigidity and strength of the door for longevity.
  • The Pinch-resistant door panels help prevent injuries while closing the plano overhead door.
  • Finally Wayne Dalton uses polyurethane or polystyrene for insulation of overhead garage doors. Wayne Dalton doors have a R-value of up to 14.8 which means that they can withstand a wider range of temperature variation


Whether it is transformation of your house or just replacing an old overhead door, Plano overhead garage door are the best in the market. Plano overhead door recommends Wayne Dalton doors because they uphold the strengths of Plano overhead garage doors namely – different designs, various colors, durable and high grade material, affordable and provide an aesthetic value to the house. High grade insulation materials used ensure that energy is conserved, a comfortable temperature is maintained and external noise is reduced.



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How to fix a bad overhead door repair 

How to fix a bad overhead door repair 

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The first thing to do to fix a overhead door problem is to go to the basics of the problem. Until the root of the issue is not clear, it cannot be solved.

Look at the signs of repair on the door. That could tell you the story. It could be a hanging coil or overhead door spring from the top or the bent top of the overhead garage door. The transmitter batteries might fail. The trick is to find out what happened.

First, start with the obvious and easy – to – check problems. Check for power first. The blinking lights must be looked at.

  • A badly installed overhead door could cause multiple issues. Installation is the key. When the first step is done well, the rest is assured to fail. If there are issues in the installation such as a badly fixed screw, the door is doomed to a fault.
  • Check the overhead garage door first. See if the emergency release cord works. The overhead door ought to open and close smoothly when the cord is tugged at. If that does not work then the issue is in the tracks or the spring rather than the overhead door repair. The rollers ought to be checked too.

off track overhead garage door repair

  • The safety sensors need to be in alignment. The small light on each sensor work and are lit when there is no obstruction between them. When there is nothing in the way and the light is still not lit, then it is time to repair the safety sensors first. The sensors could be misaligned. The presence of cobwebs could also be an issue. The cost of a new pair of sensors is about forty dollars.

garage door sensors

  • When there is no light or sound despite pushing the wall switches and remote, there could be an issue with the overhead door power circuit. Removal of the circuit board and disconnecting the plug is a way to fix an overhead door repair. It is not that difficult to replace the circuit board. Take out the light bulb after removing the light cover. Disconnection of the switch and the safety sensor wires and you can now unplug the board. The circuit board costs eighty dollars.
  • Sometimes the opener could make a grinding noise but it still wouldn’t open the overhead door repair. In such a scenario, pull the old gear out. Replacing it might be harder than most repairs. There are various parts that need to be removed before reaching the gear. The overhead gear costs less than twenty dollars. A complete kit with the shaft costs approximately forty dollars.
  • A bad capacitor can also damage the motor entirely. Unplug the opener before trying to take it apart. This avoids accidents. The motor could burn out but it is not a common occurrence at all.
  • Check the power board and the control board. They should be removed in order to be inspected properly and carefully. Bulges or black charring mean there are issues to be solved.

Most of the parts are available online including e-bay.

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DIY Overhead Garage Door Repair

DIY Overhead Garage Door Repair

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Taking care of your overhead door is extremely important if you don’t wish to get locked in or locked out of your house at the most inconvenient time. Despite having a main door and a back door, your overhead garage door is most likely the way you enter or exit your house. Hence it is very important to ensure your overhead garage door repairs are attended to ASAP.

Are you one of those people who don’t believe in spending on professional overhead door services when you can do them yourself at home? Here is a list of DIY (Do It Yourself) suggestions to ensure your overhead garage door repair is taken care of.

Problem: Noisy overhead Garage Door

Overhead garage doors start making noise when they are not in pristine condition. This is your warning. You have to look into it immediately to save yourself from unnecessary complications or expenses.

So what do you do? Simple! Check the garage door screws and nuts; more often than not the noise is just a loose nut. However, when you are tightening them, ensure you don’t overdo it, as overly tight nuts can damage your garage door on the long run.

If the noise still persists, check your door rollers. If they look old or worn out, replace them. Old metal rollers make noise as they move up and down the metal track.

overhead Garage Door Rollers

Next step would be to replace your worn out hinges. The hinges should have a hole of the right size. If the hole looks too big or is oblong rather than round, it is time to change them.

Problem: overhead Door Does Not Open And Close Properly

  1. If the garage door does not operate via remote, it might be as simple as old batteries. Try changing the batteries. However, if the door doesn’t operate via the remote or the wall switch, there might be a problem with the power source. Ensure the motor unit is plugged in properly and then check the circuit breaker and fuse if the problem persists.
  2. If the door doesn’t open or close fully, or reverses immediately or before hitting the floor, the limit switch needs to be adjusted. Try moving the limit switch closer or farther away from the motor unit. Most times it is the right distance between the two that is needed for your door to function properly.

Problem: Frozen overhead Door

You never want your garage door acting up when the weather is bad. Walking out in the biting cold is not really a great way to start your day. However, low temperatures with moisture can most likely cause an overhead garage door repair.

When your door is closed and there is moisture around, it tends to freeze and an icy connection is formed between your door and the ground that prevents your overhead garage door from rising when you hit the open switch. If the ice formation is weak, hitting the open switch can do the trick. However, if it doesn’t budge, consider using your hair dryer to melt the ice away instead of hitting that open switch a million times. It may take you a few minutes and an extra trip in and out of the house, but it will definitely save you not from stepping out in the cold but also from bigger repairs.

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Tips before Replacing your Garage Door Springs

Tips before Replacing your Garage Door Springs

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The only way to a broken garage door spring is to replace it, and you need to know how to replace garage door springs. Extension springs are challenging, but the homeowner replaces them. These springs make it easy to lift the gate. Without these springs, the door would be massive. Torsion springs usually mounted over the gate and had a long round shaft going through them. Torsion springs are perfect for heavier doors. Replacing torsion springs should never get attempted unless the homeowner has sufficient understanding of how they work and taken safety precautions. These are the things you need to know before replacing your garage door springs.

How Hard Can it be to replace garage door springs?

garage door torsion springsThe level of difficulty for replacing garage door springs varies depending on the type of spring installed. Replacing extension springs can be challenging while torsion springs are very dangerous to replace and should therefore never attempted if you don’t have a sound knowledge. Replace garage door springs if you are comfortable with it.

Can you save?

The cost of replacing garage door springs ranges from $160 to $200. Doing the job on your own will cost you around $35 to $50 to obtain the parts showing that you can save about $125 to $150. The worst about repair person is that he/she would try to convince you to sell you a new door. A new door can cost thousands of dollars. If you still love your latest door, then you can fix it or have it repaired. Therefore, replace garage door springs if you can.

What could go wrong when you replace garage door springs?

Galvanized Spring 300x204If the garage door spring gets broken, then your door won’t work. The cables attached to the garage door extension spring can get tricky. Work can be tiresome they hook up. To replace garage door springs may take longer time such that by evening you won’t have finished the work. Sometimes you just take your breath and walk away due to frustrations. If you find replacing garage door springs a complicated task, then you can always hire a professional.

Should you be worried about your garage door springs breaking?

Yes and no. Only extension springs which installed without safety retention wire poses a substantial risk to property and life. It can be catastrophic if the spring or the cable breaks. Unlike extension springs, torsion spring parts are retained on a shaft when it fails. The problems only come in when the homeowner tries to increase tension on these springs without the right equipment. When garage door springs get replaced correctly, then their failure are contained. If you are sure that you know all the safety precautions to replace garage door springs, then you have nothing to worry.

The steps involved in replacing garage door springs

Step one– Determine if you can do the work like this. It’s a tedious work and can be dangerous.

Step two– You can hire the serviceman to repair your garage door. This step is crucial if you can’t fix the door by yourself.

Step three – Replacing garage door springs involves buying a new spring. You need to know the weight of your garage door to ensure you get the right kind of spring

Step Four – This is the step to remove your old extension springs.

Step five – Install the new overhead extension springs.

Step six – this move involves the information about torsion springs.

It’s not recommended to perform these steps on your own. Having and understanding would, however, help you to talk to the serviceman.  The service person can always help you to replace garage door springs and also teach you if interested.

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